Botaniqa For Ever Bath Shampoo 250ml


Botaniqa For Ever Bath Shampoo 250ml

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Known as an energy donor and gives your dog new vitality, it contains antioxidants that naturally renew and care for the coat. In addition, the coat becomes shiny and beautiful again, the hair gains more vitality and the coat becomes stronger overall. Shampoo For Ever Bath contains nutrient-rich extracts of açaí berries and pomegranate, were developed to nourish, strengthen and give the coat a healthy shine, it cleans, moisturizes and nourishes the coat. 100 percent natural ingredients from açaí and pomegranate make the coat hydrated, shiny and easy to style. The shampoo is suitable for all types of coat, it nourishes perfectly without changing its natural coat structure. Purpose: Regular grooming of dogs whose coat requires nutrition, moisture and shine. It can be used for all types of fur, as it does not change the structure of the fur thanks to its innovative formula.

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Petroleum byproduct