Cat Litter Box - Deluxe
Cat Litter Box - Deluxe

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Cat Litter Box - Deluxe

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The Queen of Cat Toilets!

This unique and extra-spacious unit is suitable for any interior, thanks to its modern design and fresh colours. Bigger breeds, or multiple cats, take to it immediately. The Reina is characterised by its ease of use, with an upper section, two lower sections, a sieve, a handle, a transparent flap door, extra-large closing clips and a carbon filter.

Moreover, this toilet is quick and easy to clean, with its two lower parts and the sieve with 10 mm-diameter openings. This conveniently keeps the waste and clumps of litter separate from the clean litter.

The carbon filter ensures that all the unpleasant odours are neutralised. Extra-large clips also ensure that the two trays and the sieve are firmly secured to the edge and cannot come loose while being carried by means of the ergonomic handle. We haven’t forgotten the cats who urinate standing up. The high back panel prevents leakage.