Nutro Dog Adult Limited Ingredients Salmon 9.5kg


Nutro Dog Adult Limited Ingredients Salmon 9.5kg

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For Dogs between 10-30kg

Natural food for dogs Nutro Limited Ingredient with salmon and without grains

Nutro Limited Ingredient Salmon  is a high-quality grain-free dog food . Its grain-free recipe makes this an ideal natural food because it respects its nature and provides an optimal nutritional balance. But it is that, in addition, this Nutro feed is made from 100% natural ingredients , gluten-free , without colorants, without preservatives, without flavorings and without artificial antioxidants and with a contribution of protein of animal origin of maximum use by the body of the dog (high biological value). 

This grain-free recipe is specially designed to respect the natural nutritional requirements of dogs that, in their domestication process, have developed their own nutritional needs that are different from those of their wild ancestor, the wolf. Nutro  adapts to the caloric requirements that a domestic dog needs as well as its digestive capacity as a non-strict carnivore, maintaining the principle of natural nutrition that implies that animal protein is the first ingredient on the list.

The Nutro Limited Ingredient feed is hypoallergenic , in addition to being nutritionally complete and balanced. Uses a single source of animal protein, salmon, making it ideal for exclusion diets and for dogs with a meat allergy. In addition, it consists of only 10 ingredients  and does not incorporate any artificial additives  either in the raw materials or in the entire manufacturing process. This recipe presents optimal levels of essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 from salmon, especially indicated for the good care of the dog's skin and to increase the shine of its coat. And it is necessary to take into account that hair and skin are two of the most reliable external indicators of health in a dog.

The feed Nutro Limited Ingredient contain ingredients intentionally limited to reduce the risk of digestive disorders caused by possible food allergies or intolerances, making it the ideal choice for dogs with sensitive stomach that often lay them bad food. The quality of the raw materials and the simplicity of the recipe is what most characterizes this new highly digestible Nutro line.