Nutro Dog Adult Chicken and Rice 10kg


Nutro Dog Adult Chicken and Rice 10kg

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For dogs between 10-30kg

Natural food for dogs Nutro Feed Clean Grain Free with fresh chicken

The new line of feed Nutro Feed Clean has improved its usual formulas to increase the quality of your pet's food. New recipes WITHOUT cereals made with high-quality protein as the main ingredient, which promotes better digestion and prevents it from making you feel bad. Also, most add real chunks of fresh meat.

The Nutro Feed Clean line does not use added preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, nor does it use foods that have been genetically modified. The former Nutro Natural Choice are now Nutro Grain Free.

Dog food complete and nutritional Nutro Grain Free indicated for adult dogs of any size with normal physical activity, to keep their immune system strong and their hair shiny. This feed incorporates a unique mix with fresh chicken that provides maximum nutrition and optimal performance. Its complete and balanced formula of excellent quality provides the necessary antioxidants and nutrients for the dog.

Nutro Grain Free is the preferred product among breeders, professionals and consumers looking for the best performance. This food contains high levels of energy and protein so that the portions are reduced and thus the stomach is not overloaded. In addition, it provides complete and balanced nutrition to dogs with highly accepted natural flavors. It also includes high levels of linoleic acid along with other minerals and vitamins that guarantee a lustrous and strong hair.


  • Kibble for dogs complete and balanced of excellent quality.
  • Recommended by breeders, professionals and consumers.
  • Reduced portions so as not to overload the stomach.
  • So that it looks lustrous and strong hair.
  • High quality animal protein as the main ingredient.
  • With pieces of fresh chicken.
  • No grains, wheat, soy, dairy, or corn.
  • Without GMO
  • No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.