Nutro Dog Grain Free Light Lamb 10kg


Nutro Dog Grain Free Light Lamb 10kg

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For dogs between 10-30kg

Natural grain-free feed for dogs Nutro Light with lamb

Nutro Grain Free Light is a feed for adult dogs that helps weight control . Your recipe contains 20% less fat than the standard recipe. It is an ideal option for dogs that have trouble maintaining good body condition or need to lose some weight. In addition, thanks to its grain-free formula , it is perfect for dogs with a delicate stomach or food intolerances. It is especially recommended for medium breeds, between 10 and 30 kg.

If your dog has a few extra kilos or has a tendency to be overweight, it is important that you offer him a food adapted to his needs. Reducing the amount of food you give him is not the most appropriate, because this will only make him go hungry and he can develop anxiety about food. In addition, you also run the risk of not nourishing him properly. The best way to control your weight is with a low calorie food that meets all of your nutritional and energy needs and leaves you feeling full.

The Nutro Grain Free Light feed is a complete and balanced food made with quality ingredients , with lamb as the first ingredient and without cereals. It is easy to digest and rich in vitamins and minerals so that your dog is strong and healthy. In addition, it does not contain artificial additives or GMOs.