Nutro Puppy Grain Free Chicken 1.4kg


Nutro Puppy Grain Free Chicken 1.4kg

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For Dogs between 10-30kg

Natural grain-free food for puppies Nutro Puppy

Nutro Grain Free Puppy provides your puppy with all the nutrients he needs to grow strong and healthy. It is a complete and balanced food prepared specifically for him, to meet his needs in the growth stage. For this reason, selected quality ingredients have been used , a high level of proteins and vitamins and minerals that strengthen your immune system and your skeleton.

Nutro Puppy is easy to digest for a life full of vitality. Contains fresh chicken as the first ingredient and is grain free . Thus, you will take care of your puppy's stomach and avoid possible food intolerances to grain. In addition, the fresh chicken gives the croquettes a spectacular flavor. The recipe has an optimal supply of calcium and phosphorus to ensure the proper development of bones during growth. On the other hand, it does not use any genetically modified ingredient, as well as excludes any type of artificial additive.