Nutro Senior Dog Grain Free Lamb 10kg


Nutro Senior Dog Grain Free Lamb 10kg

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For dogs between 10-30kg

Natural grain-free feed for dogs Nutro Senior

Older dogs have different nutritional and energy needs than young dogs. Their activity level is much lower, so they need to eat fewer calories in their diet to maintain their weight. In addition, the level of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals suitable for your body also changes.

Nutro Grain Free Senior is a complete and balanced food that takes into account the specific needs of elderly dogs and offers them adapted nutrition. It is made with selected and quality ingredients and uses lamb as the first ingredient. In addition, it does not contain any type of cereal, thus reducing the risk of food intolerances and promoting good digestion . The recipe is especially recommended for older dogs weighing between 10 and 30 kg. It is a food free of artificial additives and genetically modified organisms.